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Fancy Evil eye
Bracelets .925 Sterling Silver

Most bracelets run approximately 71/2 inches in length

Evil eye bracelet with rolo link Cobalt colored eyes

Evil eye bracelet with dark blue colored eyes


Evil eye Multi colored eye bracelet


Kabbalah string and evil eye bracelet in Sterling Silver aprox. (7 1/4 inches)


Evil eye bracelet with powder pink colored eyes


Heart bracelet with cobalt blue heart eye and herringbone bracelet.
.925 silver.( aprox. 7 inch length)


millefiori murano bracelet

Millefiori Murano glass single link bracelet in Sterling silver.
Each bracelet is unique and will vary in patterns.


Millefiori is a very popular style bead made in Murano Italy and this bracelet is made with single links
and bezel style with a lobster claw clasp. This style millefiori bead has a glassy appearance rather then the rough patch cane of other millefiori beads.
Millefiori is visible on both sides of this bracelet so if it turns it will always show the Millefiori pattern. There's a different pattern bead in each
bezel making for an interesting and unique look. I have a few of these for sale and each bracelet will vary in bead placement so please note that although
the same beads appear in all bracelets they may have a slightly different pattern placement.


Evil eye Bracelet
G-176 LB
( Light Blue eyes )

Front and back view of eye bracelet


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Evil eye Bracelet
G-177 LB
( Light Blue eyes)





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Evil eye Bracelet
G-177 DB
( Dark Blue eyes)

Front & Back view of eye bracelet

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