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Jewelry Directory and Descriptions carries many styles of Evil Eye Jewelry in sterling silver and some 14kt gold. We also make Evil Evil Beaded Bracelets that are made to order with Swarovski Crystals.

Thank you for visiting my online store for all types of evil eye jewelry. Our most popular bracelets come in many colors to choose from. We're also proud to carry the beautiful Turkish Telkari necklace, bracelet, earring and anklet. Since our website is open 24hrs a day you can order any time. We offer a 20% discount on our most popular classic single link evil eye bracelets if you order 6 or more. Free Shipping when ordering $50. or more. My company has been in the Evil eye and Turkish jewelry business since year 2000. I have one of the best selections of colors for the most popular sterling silver single link bracelets with evil eyes. We also sell the Millefiori glass bracelet set in Sterling silver. This bracelet comes in approximate length of 7- 7 1/4" Millefiori is a very popular style bead made in Murano Italy and this bracelet is made with single links and bezel style with a lobster claw clasp. This style millefiori bead has a glassy appearance rather then the rough patch cane of other millefiori beads. Millefiori is visible on both sides of this bracelet so if it turns it will always show the Millefiori pattern. There's a different pattern bead in each bezel making for an interesting and unique look. I have a few of these for sale and each bracelet will vary in bead placement so please note that althoughAll of my jewelry is imported from Turkey and my product line includes evil eye bracelets, evil eye pendants, evil eye key chains and Telkari anklets and kabbalah bracelets with evil eye and are all in sterling silver. We have a small collection of 14k gold evil eye bracelets but we aren't able to carry an extended inventory due to the rising cost of gold today. Handmade beaded jewelry upon request All of my evil eye beaded bracelets with Swarovski crystals are made to order. So if you want a certain size or color combination for your bracelet(s) just simply ask in the comments section at check out. I also have several customers that order from me on a regular basis with special requests for handmade beaded jewelry to meet the needs of their customers. These include but not limited to cell phone charms, earrings and beaded necklaces and bracelets. I also take old vintage jewelry and make it new again. For example: Many people will inherit their grandmother's vintage crystal necklaces and ask me to make them into a more modern necklace, earring and bracelet set. Many of the vintage crystal necklaces were strung with 3 strands making for plenty of beads to make a set. I may include sterling silver or gold plated beads and other Swarovski crystals that will compliment the vintage crystals or other vintage bead in their jewelry. It all depends on your taste. I keep in contact with my customers when I recreate their jewelry so they will be happy with the end results, my goal is to make it so you will be happy to wear it. I try to do justice to many of the beautiful vintage pieces out there that haven't seen the light of day in decades because they are a bit too outdated or too worn out and dirty to wear, keeping that in mind, I will also redo your vintage jewelry pieces and try to keep it's original style if that's what you want, but want to make it more secure or new looking. I can repair the jewelry I sell too so if it's needed, there's usually no problem of getting your jewelry repaired if something unfortunate happens to it such as a lost or cracked eye or a broken link. I try to do the best I can to give my customers the best service I can and I may be unavailable at certain times but I always return calls and emails within a day. If you have any questions regarding my website or my products and or services please contact me. Please click here for my contact information

Why do we wear evil eye jewelry and use other forms of evil eye amulets?

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The evil eye amulet is intended to ward off the evil or envious eye. It is thought that the look of an envious person will do harm. The look is called the envious or evil eye and is thought to cause harm to that which we hold dear to us. Many believe that the look of the evil eye is very unhealthy and hurtful. The evil eye is also thought to do harm to our loved ones as well. The evil eye amulet is intended to ward off the look of those who evny us and may think evil thoughts, so many cultures have made it a tradition to wear the evil eye in jewelry, or they may hang them in wall hangers above their doors and even made into baby pins and placed on thier baby's undershirt to protect them from the harm that they believe the evil eye can bestow upon their precious baby. Some believe a person who has been unable to conceive their own child has the potential to cast an evil eye upon another child without even realizing it.

Many people also use the evil eye amulet as a good luck charm to protect themselves from evil and there-by is the opposite of evil. This jewelry or amulet should have been called the anti-evil eye and can sometimes be misunderstood by some people if not familiar with the History behind it.
Blue evil eye is the most traditional of colors used in amulets but has become very popular in the last few years by being made available in a multitude of fashionable colors. KYROSS©2000-2008

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Genuine Handcrafted Turkish Silver Jewelry
in a delicate Floral Lace design called Telkari. Painstakingly Handcrafted by Turkish Craftsmen and hard to find in the US. Made of Sterling Silver.
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Includes Evil eye, Telkari, Filigree and Handmade beaded eye bracelets .




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